traditional siberian craft and contemporary design come together in berlin-based maker anastasiya koshcheeva’s latest collection: ‘from siberia’. the series of objects is composed of ‘tuesa’, ‘taburet’, ‘svetoch’ — each representing a different approach to the use of natural birchbark in the home. ‘from siberia’ is a continuation of koshcheeva’s ‘sibirjak lounge chair’ project, in which she learned and developed the processes of birch-based manufacturing.anastasiyakoshcheevadesignboom01

each product in the series showcases the unique and outstanding qualities of the material. the ‘tuesa’ containers are perfect for storage of food, spices, teas, etc. because of naturally-occurring antibacterial and isolating qualities, ‘tuesa’ can keep its contents fresher for two to three times longer then conventional counterparts made of glass or plastic. vessels are light and robust, with a natural soft and non-slip surface that remains graspable even when wet.


the ‘svetoch’ lamps are cylindrical forms that produce a soft, diffused light. koshcheeva’s design is based on a traditional no-glue method of joining, allowing for the shape to be created with nothing more than a few select stitches. ‘svetoch’ is a celebration of birchbark, and establishes a homey, comfortable atmosphere in any interior.