Winners of the BJP International Photography Awards 2016

Juno Calypso won the Series Award for Joyce, a collection of performative self-portraits that reflect on “modern rituals of seduction and the laboured construction of femininity.” Felicity Hammond was awarded the Single Image Award for Restore to Factory Settings, a large scale photographic collage printed as a cyanotype.

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Architect Adam Nathaniel Furman undertook a residency at the British School in Rome in 2014-15, as he became familiar with the city he was struck by the coming together of Italian style and consumerism with the ancient and resonant architectural and religious traditions. “It’s all present in Rome, there is a duality that runs through the city, there is a seriousness and weightiness – they have a word for it ‘romanita’. It was very present in the fascist period. At the same time there is this totally self absorbed sense of play, pleasure and sensuousness.” When Adam was commissioned to design some furniture for a client in Monaco, he decided to explore this idea further.

5 Inspiring Stools

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anastasiya koshcheeva crafts

traditional siberian craft and contemporary design come together in berlin-based maker anastasiya koshcheeva’s latest collection: ‘from siberia’. the series of objects is composed of ‘tuesa’, ‘taburet’, ‘svetoch’ — each representing a different approach to the use of natural birchbark in the home. ‘from siberia’ is a continuation of koshcheeva’s ‘sibirjak lounge chair’ project, in which she learned and developed the processes of birch-based manufacturing.

10 chairs that inspire us

Here a collection of chairs, stool and armchairs that we like and have inspired us.